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Let's come up with a plan to help your child sleep through the night


Taking small, consistent steps in the right direction will always get you to where you need to go.
Babies learn with the experience and guidance of others, and the same is true for us.
You don't have to have all the answers, but you do need to know when to ask for a little support...

"I've been where you are, and promise there's another way"

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Julia Redmond

Baby and Child Sleep Consultant

I cannot say this enough, "you do not have to accept sleep deprivation as part of being a parent!"

It's ok to want a good nights sleep, in fact it's smart, and if you feel you could use a little support to achieve this, then feel free to contact me.

I am here to offer a supportive, non-judgemental plan to get things back on track, because I myself have been where you are, and know there's another way.


One-to-One Consultations and
Bespoke Sleep training Plans



Kids don't come with a rule book, so knowing what to do can be tough.
Contact me for a 15 minute, no obligation chat to see if I can help you with some practical advice and invaluable tips.


Join a support network of like minded parents or book me for a private workshop for you and your friends.
Currently all workshop sessions will be held via zoom or by phone. 

Georgina M. 
– Mother to Oliver, 11 months

"We have an almost 1 year old who now sleeps 7-7 with 2 x naps during the day and self-settles himself. We’re thrilled!  It has actually changed our days"

Kimberley D. 
- Mother to Harrison, 4.5 months

"We would highly recommend [Julia] to help you with any baby sleep queries she really is a sleep wizard!"

Suzi R.
- Mother to Bea, 12 months

"If you are considering using Julia’s services, then I can wholeheartedly recommend them. She made us feel comfortable, never judged any slip ups, and has a totally realistic approach that actually works!!!"


Tiny Tips

Bedroom Tips for A Little Support

Bedroom Tips for A Little Support

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