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A Little Support is a Good Thing

Many parents who embark on this transformative journey become passionate advocates for sleep training afterwards, myself included.
Simply put, this stuff really works!

Don't just take my word for it... 


- Mother to 12 month old

Before we were introduced to Julia, I fell firmly into the ‘It’s really not that bad and I’m totally coping’ category of self-delusion.

Now we have a set bedtime routine, our evenings back, and more importantly two beautiful little girls who are sleeping independently and happily. Thank you Julia

- Mother to 11 month old

Contacting Julia to help with our son's sleep was, quite frankly one of the best decisions we have ever made, as our son had never slept through the night!


The transformation has been incredible. I expected (hoped!) to see some improvement in his sleep, but did not expect it to be quite successful as this. 

- Mother to 4.5 month old

We contacted Julia when our previously sleepy new-born hit the 4 month sleep regression, hit us hard.

Julia helped us create a routine that meant that our baby is now sleeping through again! We cannot thank Julia enough for her professional help and also incredibly kind words throughout.

- Mother to 11 month old

Julia was very confident that the sleep plan would work for us, and although we trusted her it felt so hard to believe that in less that two weeks we would have a baby that slept 7-7. 
So although we felt confident in Julia’s abilities we still had an element of doubt that our feisty little baby would comply!

Now we have an almost 1 year old who  sleeps 7-7 with 2 x naps during the day and self-settles himself. We're thrilled! 

- Parents to 7 month old

Julia was highly recommended to us by a friend, at a time when we thought our seven month old would never sleep through the night or consistently nap during the day.


Within three days, thanks to Julia’s advice and support, our son had not only mastered sleeping through the night but had happily transitioned to sleeping in his own room, doing without his dummy and having two regular naps during the day.

- Mother to 6.5 month old

Having a new baby is a total minefield and we quickly got in to terrible habits with sleep arrangements, which was making everyone miserable.

Julia reassured us that everything is fixable and helped us along every step of the way.

Our daughter now sleeps well most of the time and we finally have some free adult time to ourselves.

She's a completely different baby now.

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